A step-by-step process that could see you making up to $50,000 from selling your side project

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Let’s say you found an idea for a project. You started to do it, did the first MVP, received the first users, and realized that you could not support it anymore.

The reason can be anything. The project is not inspiring you anymore, you’ve found another idea, or maybe you…

Top websites for creators to showcase their content, products or services

Selling digital content
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“Oh, I heard you are a programmer. Can you help me to create a site?”

This question I receive a couple of times each year from photographers, trainers, writers, and artisans. And you know what? In 2021, you don’t need a website if you’re a creator of any kind.


How to build your project with Webpack 5 in 2021

Webpack 5

Almost every year, I get into a situation when I need to set up a new javascript project. Projects with a modern framework like Angular already configured for us. But what about more simple apps or widgets, which should be framework agnostic? Usually, we need to have: a liver-reload, TypeScript…

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses

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Everyone can make a mistake. Unfortunately, even IT giants like Facebook are not insured from technical failures. Companies hire armies of QA and AQA. Developers use dozens of test frameworks, build different test environments, do code reviews, perform static code analysis, security checks, and many more to reduce the chance…

How to use Redux in LitElement components

Too many buttons in your widget?

Web components are probably the best choice for building independent widgets compatible with almost any JavaScript framework. Why? Because they are small, fast, encapsulated, and can be without dependencies at all.

Now imagine building a rich widget with complex configurations, controls, events, and even public API. When users interact with…

And what you need to grow besides experience.

Breaking Bad, guys on money
Shot from the series Breaking Bad

Knowing more frameworks or having more experience than another developer does not always guarantee better compensation. So what factors impact a developer’s earnings, and what can we do to get a little more? Let’s review it below.

Programming technology

Currently, the market is overheated. It becomes harder and harder to close the…

The ways to organize acceptance of cryptocurrency in your business

How to Accept Cryptocurrency from Your Customers
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Each year we trust cryptocurrency more and more. According to coinmap.org, there are over 23,000 venues that accept bitcoin worldwide. In addition, the number of businesses that decided to receive tokens as payment for goods and services grows every year.

It’s not surprising why people are interested in cryptocurrencies:

  • Your…

After two years of working on a side project, I am so proud of the results and my experiences that I wanted to share what I learned with you.

Side hustle
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Two years ago, I decided to create a planning poker app. It’s a gamified estimation tool where the team can estimate future tasks like playing the game. I made it because most apps were auto-banned as gambling sites in a customer’s private network.

Later, I started to scale the project…

The most common issues of my students while learning a new programming language

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I’m a JavaScript developer with 10+ years of experience. The last year during the pandemic, I started to feel a lack of communication and began to conduct lectures for students about JavaScript.

Almost any of them has the same issues while learning, so I decided to list them and talk…


Learn how to generate PDF documents with Firebase Cloud Functions and upload them to Firebase Cloud Storage

Generating PDF with Firebase

Generating PDF files is one of the most used features in SaaS projects. I even saw people ask the Firebase team on Twitter to implement an extension for this functionality. In this tutorial, we will generate a PDF document using a Cloud Function. …

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