A step-by-step process that could see you making up to $50,000 from selling your side project

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What can you sell?

Top websites for creators to showcase their content, products or services

Selling digital content
Selling digital content
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Portfolio for photographers

How to build your project with Webpack 5 in 2021

Webpack 5

After two years of working on a side project, I am so proud of the results and my experiences that I wanted to share what I learned with you.

Side hustle
Side hustle
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The most common issues of my students while learning a new programming language

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1. Lack of practice while learning


Learn how to generate PDF documents with Firebase Cloud Functions and upload them to Firebase Cloud Storage

Generating PDF with Firebase
Generating PDF with Firebase

Browse nearby places with Firebase Realtime database and Firestore

Locationions on the map
Locationions on the map
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Find out what’s on the other side of the planet from where you are.


How You Can Solve Them: Supporting Angular projects from v2 to v11

Long-term Angular project
Long-term Angular project
Long-term Angular project

Version update

Probably the best library for building web components

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Volodymyr Golosay

Lead software engineer. Writing about web-development and technologies. Doing one-person SaaS project methodist.io. My twitter: twitter.com/golosay

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