How to Make Consistent Characters in Any Pose With AI

Making a mascot for your project without a professional designer

Volodymyr Golosay


AI is drawing consistent characters

The use of mascots has always been a crucial part of branding, as it helps businesses establish a more personal and friendly connection with their customers. For instance, take Duolingo's green owl, Duo, or GitHub's adorable Octocat. These mascots are not just for show. They provide a friendly and approachable face to their respective brands. In the past, creating and maintaining such mascots was a costly affair, which only large companies with substantial resources and marketing teams could afford.

However, in today’s digital age, AI has democratized mascot creation, allowing even solo entrepreneurs to dream up a unique brand character.

With AI, anyone can easily redraw, reimagine, and reposition mascots to evolve with their brand and engage with audiences in new and dynamic ways.

In this article, together with you, I will create a cute, tech-savvy dinosaur in a hoodie. And later redraw it in any pose with different objects and scenes.

Top AI Tools for Character Creation

In the realm of AI-driven design, several tools stand out for their ability to generate unique and professional characters. Let’s take a closer look at each:


Midjourney character sheets

Midjourney is an AI tool well-known for its ability to not only create distinctive characters but also modify and adapt them over time. This feature makes it incredibly versatile, allowing for consistent character development and the ability to produce variations of the same character, which is crucial for brand consistency. character model excels in crafting high-quality character models. However, its capabilities primarily focus on generating characters in a single standing pose. While the quality is…



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