iOS 16 Released! Is It Safe to Install Now, or Better To wait?

Are there any issues and pitfalls in the update?

Volodymyr Golosay
2 min readSep 12, 2022


We have all been waiting for so long for the iOS 16 release. And finally, before the new iPhone sales started, Apple released it to the public.

Some of the features are postponed, like iCloud Shared Photo, but almost everything we were expecting is included. So the main question is: did Apple manage to release a stable version, and is it safe to update?

To be short — NO! Don’t update!

And there are two reasons why you should postpone the update.

The app’s update is broken.

After iOS 16 installation, you will find that many apps require updates to be compatible with iOS 16. But when you open the App Store, you will see the dialog window with the terms and conditions agreement.

On the latest iOS, after clicking on Agree button, you will see the error banner with the message “There was an error. Please try later”.

iOS 16 There was an error. Please try later
Screenshots from different people on Twitter

As a result, some of your apps will not be adapted for iOS 16 and potentially won’t work.

Battery drain issue (as usual 😅)

This issue appeared only in the latest Release Candidate and was not fixed in the final version.

Some people from Twitter started to complain about battery drain issues.

The issue probably is with more old devices where the battery is not healthy enough to deal with iOS 16. Or probably iOS starts iPhone indexing after the installation.

But anyway, from my point of view, there are no features in iOS 16 that can not wait couple more days 😊.

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Updated: now it’s absolutely safe to update



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