Top Tips for Optimizing Notion Performance

Keep your Notion running smoothly on mobile and desktop.

Volodymyr Golosay
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Performance optimization for the Notion app
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Notion is a powerful note-taking and task-management app that offers a wealth of features and extensive customization options. Its ability to be tailored to your personal needs and preferences is one of the major selling points of Notion.

However, as with any app, it’s possible to encounter performance issues from time to time. If you’re looking to improve the performance and usability of your Notion setup, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll share top tips for optimizing Notion’s performance so that you can get the most out of this powerful app.

Tip #1: Use local images for page cover photos instead of Unsplash

One way to improve Notion’s performance is to use local images for your page cover photos instead of relying on Unsplash. This is because each time a page with a cover photo from Unsplash is loaded, Notion must make an additional request to Unsplash to retrieve the image. These images may not be cached effectively, which can lead to delays in the interface.

To avoid this issue, you can download the image from Unsplash locally and set it as the cover photo from your machine. This will allow Notion to cache the picture more effectively, resulting in faster performance. Alternatively, you can choose not to use images as page cover photos.

Tip #2: Create templates in the web browser instead of the mobile apps.

If you frequently use templates in Notion, you may have noticed that when you create a new page from a template in the iOS or macOS app, it can take a while to render. This can be frustrating and can slow down your productivity. To avoid this issue, you should create templates in the web browser instead of the mobile apps.

This will ensure that the template is correctly optimized for all devices. If you prefer to use mobile apps, you can still create templates by duplicating an existing template and customizing it to your needs.

I uploaded a youtube shorts video to show the issue.



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